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Sulphur Granulated
CAS: 77-04-34-9
HS Code: 2503001000

Table1: Quality specifications 

Ref Properties



Factual results
1. Sulphur, %, minimum 99,90 99,99
2. Ash, %, maximum 0,05 0,0020
3. Organic substance, %, maximum



4. Acids, based on H2SO4, %, maximum



5. Water, %, maximum 0,2 0,02
6. Mechanical impurities (paper, sand, etc) Not allowed absent


Table2: Granulometric characteristics of Sulphur

Ref                                                  Properties

Technical Grade



                   Factual results
1. Appearance                        Hemispheric ovals                          corresponds
2. Mass fraction of granules of diameter 2,0-6,0mm, %, minimum



3. Bulk density, kg/m, minimum 1100                                1241

Product description

Technical Sulfur grade is solid substance as tablets, usually hemispherical with diameter 2 - 4 mm.

Feedstock for chemical, rubber, pharmaceutical industries, agriculture.

Method for production and sampling

Thermo catalytic oxidation of gases, containing hydrogen sulphide.

Sampling procedure corresponds to ISO 8213


Sulfur is stored under warehouse or shelter. Loading with afront – spade loader.

During storage the angle of repose is 25 minimum.

Transportation and documents

All kind of vehicles, protected from moisturizing, mechanical damages and pollution.

The product has UN № 1350 according to UNO (United Nations Organization).

Each shipment shall be accompanied by production specification of test results according to point 1

Product SDS ( Safety Data Sheet) is submitted to the user prior or at the time of first delivery.