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Quality | Hippocampus OU


Customized quality support

SGS certification

Dangerous goods packing and labeling

We make these services available to our valued customers, which make up the ‘Hippocampus OU’ community, and the provision of these services is an important element of our goal to improve the effectiveness of our operational system. As a global organization working to define and promote credibility and sustainability, we want to ensure that new and emerging initiatives are following good practices and putting in place strong foundations. We offer two types of services – general quality maintenance and customized quality support.

Cost optimization

Manufacturing, packing, shipping services

Cost effectiveness is the second to none of our business priorities. Provided the quality of product meets client’s requirements, the key point of concern is the product’s price that is directly proportional to the costs of manufacture, packing and transportation.

Production costs are optimized due to manufacturing standards applied. Being able to communicate the quality parameters with manufacturing entities, we can adjust production costs.

While the packing requirements of client are the reference point to us, yet, we are able to offer to our clients some extra options to choose from in order to optimize the packaging costs.

Although the transportation costs are almost equal within the shipping lines community, our company service managers are able to negotiate and optimize logistic chain route and shipping rates.

Costs optimization | The Hippocampus OU

Our advantages

Secure shipping | The Hippocampus OU

Secure shipping

Hippocampus OU handles all the shipments with care and manages each shipment on an individual basis ensuring all shipments are tracked and managed all they way to being delivered.

We focus on all 9 classes of dangerous goods and provide a complete hazardous goods logistics service. We offer packing, marking and labeling of dangerous goods shipments to meet international regulations.

Our highly skilled staff not only classify, pack, and documen dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations but, also assume all relevant legal liability thereof. Hippocampus OU carries comprehensive liability insurance policies. All our consignments are provided with all-risks Insurance Policy for 110% of the total consignment value (commercial invoice value).

Proper packing | The Hippocampus OU

Proper packing

When it comes to transporting hazardous materials, perhaps the most important detail is the packing.  As specialists in the field, Hippocampus OU takes the time to properly classify the substance, package and label it, and prepare the transport documents all in accordance with the applicable transportation regulations.  Our knowledge of hazardous materials allows us to meet all the requirements for hazardous materials shipments.

Liquid product packing types:

Steel Drums:

Specifications: DOT/UN complianse tested tight-head steel drums, sealed with protective cup.
Capacity: rated 210 L (Min: 216,5L; Max: 218,6L)

IBC containers:

Specifications: UN 31HA1/Y
Material: HDPE
Capacity: 1000 L
Loading in one 20″ sea container
20 IBC

ISO tank container:

Specifications: Tank code: IMO4
Dimensions: 7150 x 2550 x 2630 mm
Capacity: 28 520 L

Applic. Regulations: 

  • CSC F/4912/BV/99
  • IMO 4
  • ADR/RID F/5324/BV/04
  • IMDG
SGS | The Hippocampus OU

Credible certification

To provide quality certification services we collaborate with independent international authority SGS – the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company.

Depending on the country of destination requirements SGS executes pre-shipment inspection, sampling on loading, samples laboratory testing, and issues quality and quantity certification.

In some cases when a Certificate of Conformity is required, SGS executes the procedure required and issues the CoC. Samples taken during loading are stored at the SGS office for two months from the sampling date. In the event of a quality dispute, if any, additional tests of the samples stored at SGS are conducted and the laboratory test report is issued that is considered to be final and binding for both parties

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Quality and price are the key conditions of successful business. Price cannot be the same as it depends on a vast array of terms and conditions, yet we strive to quote the best price possible.  Our sales managers calculate every offer on individual basis for each and every customer, in order to use all opportunities to optimize our offer. Don’t hesitate to ask for re-calculation the quoted price. We pride ourselves by our flexibility in price negotiation.

We pay commissions to our agents

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If you bring us a customer we sign the Agent Agreement with you and pay commissions from every order your customer places with us.

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