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Toluene solvent

Minimum order quantity: 200 MT

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  • HS CODE: 2902300000
  • PRODUCT NAME: Toluene (toluol)  
  • CHEMICAL NAMES: Phenyl methane
  • CAS # 108-88-3

Product description

Toluene, other name toluol, is used for the dissolution of chlorine rubber, epoxy, vinyl and acrylate polymers, in the production of mixed solvents.

Our company supplies toluene at high quality and at competitive price.

Quality specification: Toluene
Name of indicatorsNorm
Appearance and colorColorless liquid
Density at 20 °C, g / cm30,865-0,867
Limits of distillation of 98% by volume (including the boiling point of pure toluene 110.6 °C), °C, not more than:0,7
ass fraction of toluene,%, not less than:99,75
Mass fraction of impurities,%, not more than:0,25
Non-aromatic hydrocarbons0,10
Aromatic hydrocarbons С-80,05
Sulfuric acid color, number of model scale, no more than:0,15
Copper plate testWithstands
Reaction of aqueous extractNeutral
EvaporabilityEvaporates without residue
Mass fraction of total sulfur,%, not more than:0,00015

Packing options

  • In bulk
  • IBC containers: 100 liters. 750 kg net weight of product
  • Steel drums: 216 liters, 170 kg net weight of product
  • Minimum order quantity: ± 200 МТ

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