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Copper sulphate pentahydrate technical grade

Name: Copper(II) sulphate(VI) pentahydrate technical grade
CAS# 7758-99-8
Chemical formula: CuSO4 x 5H2O
EC# 231-847-6
Synonyms: chalcanthite, chalcocyanite, cupric sulfate, copper sulphate pentahydrate technical grade


  • 25 kg bags
  • Big Bags on pallet or without
  • other types of packaging on request

Transport information ADR/RID:

  • Transport hazard class(es) ADR/RID: 9
  • A warning sticker No: 9
  • UN number: 3077
  • Packing group: III

Uses of Copper Sulphate

Major uses
  • Preparation of Bordeaux and Burgundy mixtures for use as fungicides
  • Manufacture of other copper fungicides such as copper-lime dust, tribasic copper sulphate, copper carbonae and cuprous oxide
  • Manufacture of insecticides such as copper arsenite and Paris green
  • Control of fungus diseases
  • Correction of copper deficiency in soils
  • Correction of copper deficiency in animals
  • Growth stimulant for fattening pigs and broiler chickens
  • Molluscicide for the destruction of slugs and snails, particularly the snail host of the liver fluke
Other uses
  • Seed dressing
  • Soil steriliser, e.g Cheshunt compound (a mixture of copper sulphate and ammonium carbonate) to prevent ‘damping-off’ disease of tomato etc.
  • Control and prevention of foot rot in sheep and cattle
  • Bacteriastat for addition to sheep dips
  • Disinfectant in prevention of the spread of swine erysepelas and white scours in calves
  • Control of scum in farm ponds
  • Plant nutrient in rice fields
  • Preservative for wooden posts, wooden buildings, etc
  • Ingredient of vermin repellents, e.g for application to  bark of trees against rabbits
  • Stimulant of latex yield on rubber plantations
  • Protection against algal growths on flower pots
  • Preservative in casein and other glues
  • Additive to book binding pastes and glues, for insecticidal purposes
  • Additive to animal and silicate glues to give water resistance
  • Timber preservtive and in the preparawtion of other wood preservatives, e.g oil-based copper naphthenates and water-based copper/chrome/arsenic for the prevention of woodworms and wood rots
  • Ingredient of plaster to prevent fungus infection, e.g to prevent the spread of dry rot
  • Ingredient of concrete, both as a colouring matter and as an antiseptic, e.g for use in and around swimming pools
  • Modification of the setting of concrete
  • Protection against lichens, moulds and similar growths on asbestos cement roofing and other building materials
  • Control of the growth of tree roots in sewers
  • Preparation of catalysts for use in many industries
  • Purification of gases, e.g removal of hydrogen chloride and hydrogen sulphide
  • Precipitation promoter in purifying zinc sulphate solutions
  • Precipitation of alkaloids as double salts from crude extracts
  • Source of other copper compounds such as copper carbonate silicate/arsenite/aceto-arsenite/resinate/stearate/tartrate/oleate naphthenate/chromate/chlorate/alginate/fluoride/hydroxide/cuprous oxide/chloride/cyanide and cuprammonium compounds
Decorate trades
  • Colouring glass
  • Colouring cement and plaster
  • Colouring ceramic wares
  • Alteration of metal colours, e.g darkening of zinc, colouring aluminium
  • Reagent in the preparation of dyestuffs intermediates
  • Catalyst or raw material for the preparation of copper ca\talysts, e.g preparation of phenols from diago compounds, preparation of phthalocyanine dyes
  • Mordant in dyeing
  • Reagent in tanning processes
Metal and electrical
  • Electrolyte in copper refining
  • Electrolyte in copper plating and electro forming
  • Electrolyte manufacture of cuprous compounds, e.g cuprous oxide
  • Constituent of the electrodes and electrolytes in batteries
  • Electrolyte in the manufacture of copper powder
  • Electrolyte in aluminium plating and anodising
  • Copper coating steel wire, prior to wire drawing
  •  Pickling copper wire, etc, prior to enamelling
  •  Providing a suitable surface for marking out iron and steel
  • Flotation reagent in the concentration of ores, e.g zinc blende
  • Raw material for the manufacture of copper naphthenate and other copper compounds for use in anti-fouling paints
  • Preparation of certain varnish or paint dryers, e.g copper oleate, copper stearate
  • Preparation of certain pigments, e.g copper chromate, copper ferrocyanide, copper phthalocyanine
  • Etching agent for process engraving
  • Electrolyte in the preparation of electrotype
  •  Ingredient of printing inks
Synthetic rubber
and petroleum
  • Preparation of catalysts used in cracking certain gaseous and liquid petroleum
  • Fractions
  • Preparation of cuprous chloride, used in the purification of butadiene and in the separation of acetylene derivatives
  • Preparation of catalysts used in chlorinating rubber latex
  • Purification of petroleum oils
  • Preparation of copper compounds for rot-proofing canvas and other fabrics
  • Rot-proofing sandbags
  • Mordant, especially in calico printing
  • Cuprammonium process for the production of rayon
  • Production of aniline black and diazo colours for dyeing
  • ‘After coppering’ to increase the fastness of dyes
  • Catalyst in the manufacture of cellulose ethers and in cellulose acetylation
  • Improving the burning qualities of coke
  • Laboratory analytical work
  • Ingredient of laundry marking ink
  • Dyeing of hair and horn
  • Ingredient of hair dyes of the phenylene diamine or pyrogallol type
  • Preparation of chlorophyll as a colouring material for foodstuffs
  • Imparting a green colour in fireworks
  • Activator in the preparation of active carbons
  • Preservative for wood pulp
  • Preservation of fishing nets and hides on trawls
  • Obtaining a blue-back finish on steel
  • Treatment of carbon brushes
  • Ingredient of the solution used for preserving plant specimens in their natural colours
  • Impregnation in fruit wrapping papers to prevent storage rots

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