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SGS certification.

Dangerous goods packing and labeling


We make these services available to our valued customers, which make up the Hippocampus OU community, and the provision of these services is an important element of our goal to improve the effectiveness of our operational system. As a global organization working to define and promote credibility and sustainability, we want to ensure that new and emerging initiatives are following good practices and putting in place strong foundations. We offer two types of services – general quality maintenance and customized quality support.
General quality standards
If the general standards of our products do meet client’s requirements, we will supply the products of our general quality specifications and offer standard options for quality certification, assurance support, etc.
Customized quality standards support
If client requires a deeper level of support, Hippocampus Ou also offers more customized, one-on-one services to fit the needs and target specific areas that client would like to adhere to. This could include areas such as special quality standards support, assurance model, and more topics in which Hippocampus Ou has expertise. Namely, in the case of a specific quality parameter, Hippocampus is committed to arranging the manufacturing process so that the indication of the parameter requested is maintained. Quality customization is performed with the prior case study, manufacturing capability investigation, and in case of the latter is positive the manufacturing arrangements are conducted.

To provide quality certification services we collaborate with independent international authority SGS – the world’s leading inspection, verification, testing, and certification company. Depending on country of destination requirements SGS executes pre-shipment inspection, sampling on loading, samples laboratory testing, and issues quality and quantity certification. In some cases when a Certificate of Conformity is required, SGS executes the procedure required and issues the CoC. Samples taken during loading are stored at SGS office for two months from the sampling date. In the event of a quality dispute, if any, additional tests of the samples stored at SGS are conducted and the laboratory test report is issued that is considered to be final and binding for both parties.

To ensure the product is delivered in good quality it is properly packed and labeled according to the transportation requirements of every goods class accordingly. Hippocampus OU is well stocked with UN-tested packing materials suitable to safely move dangerous goods. Hippocampus OU not only classifies, packs, and documents dangerous goods in accordance with applicable regulations but, also assumes all relevant legal liability thereof. Every consignment is provided with the Insurance Police for the amount of 110% of the total consignment value.

In order to get professional consultation on customized quality support, send your inquiry clearly defining the quality requirements needed (specifications, datasheets, SEM, etc). Our service managers will study carefully your inquiry and offer you the proper option. Our service managers are at your assistance every time the entire contract itinerary long. The overall scheme Hippocampus OU processes the incoming inquiries is as shown below:


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