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Osmium-187 stable isotope

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Potassium Osmate (VI) based on stable isotope Osmium-187
Chemical purity:
99,9855 %
Isotope concentration: 99,54 %
Content OS 187: 52 %
Chemical formula: K2[OsO2(OH)4]
Appearance: Solid. (Solid crystalline powder.)
Colour: Violet
Solubility: Insoluble in methanol, diethyl ether.
CAS # 19718-36-6
EC # 243-247-1

Osmium-187: Rarity, Value, and Investment SecurityOsmium-187: Rarity, Value, and Investment Security

In the world of precious metals and rare elements, one isotope stands out for its uniqueness and investment potential — Osmium-187. This stable isotope is not just scarce; it's valued for its unique properties, making it a sought-after asset for scientific research, industrial application, and long-term investment.


The value and rarity of Osmium-187,Value and Rarity

Osmium-187's extraordinary characteristics dictate its high market value. Being one of the most stable and dense elements available, it's prized for its durability and scarcity.


Potential Risks and WarningsPotential Risks and Warnings

Investing in Osmium-187 requires awareness of potential risks. The market has its share of fraudulent sellers, making it crucial to opt for verified and reliable suppliers.


Exclusive Offers for Wholesale BuyersExclusive Offers for Wholesale Buyers

For wholesale buyers, we offer special conditions on Osmium-187, significantly below the market value. It's a unique opportunity to acquire a valuable isotope at an advantageous price, ensuring a high return on investment.


Applications of Osmium-187 in Science and TechnologyApplications of Osmium-187 in Science and Technology

Osmium-187 is pivotal in modern scientific and technological advancements, thanks to its unique properties.

  • Cosmochemistry and Geological Research: Used for dating meteorites and studying Earth's history, Osmium-187 helps scientists understand the formation processes of our planet and the Solar System.
  • Medicine: Its high density makes Osmium-187 a potential material for targeted radiation therapy in cancer treatment.
  • Precision Measuring Instruments: The isotope's unusual physical properties make it suitable for creating certain types of high-precision measuring devices.


Investing in Osmium-187 not only provides a unique opportunity to engage in the rare and precious metals market but also offers stability and security through transactions with our verified company. We invite you to explore the investment potential of this extraordinary asset, guaranteeing transparency and safety in all dealings.


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