Sodium silicate solution - waterglass

Sodium silicate solution

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CAS: #1344-09-8 
EINECS: #215-687-4
MF: Na2O3Si
Hazard Class: 8
Hazard Codes: F,Xi,T,C
Packing Group: II
Toxicity: LD50 oral in rat: 1960mg/kg
HS Code: 28391910
Packaging: IBC-1000L, net weight:1500 kg / Metal drums, net weight: 300-320 kg

Sodium silicate is also the technical and common name for a mixture of such compounds,
chiefly the metasilicate, also called waterglass, water glass, or liquid glass.
The product has a wide variety of uses, including the formulation of cements, passive fire protection, textile and lumber processing,
manufacture of refractory ceramics, as adhesives, and in the production of silica gel.
The commercial product, available in water solution.
Soluble sodium silicates (or water glass) are solutions of water and soluble glasses, manufactured from varied proportions of Na2CO3 and SiO2.
Sodium silicates are used in soap and detergent industry; building, foundries, textile industry and paper industry.

Quality specification:

Opalescent liquid
Opalescent liquid
Density  (20°C)  -  g/cm3
1.35 -:- 1.39
1.48 -:- 1.52
Modulus SiO2/Na2O
3.0 -:- 3.5
2.2 -:- 2.4
SiO2  - content
25 – 32%
23 - 33%
Na2O - content
8 - 14%
8 - 15%