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Product: Silver Mercury
HS Code: 2805409000
CAS: 7439-97-6
UN: 2809
IMO/IATA: 8(6.1)
Packing: steel flasks (net weight 34,50 kg) factory sealed / wooden case

Commercial license
Author Hippocampus OU
Date 2018-09-30
Language  English
File Size 265.28 KB
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Mercury – heavy liquid metal whose chemical element under symbol Hg is classified in VI period of Mendeleyev's periodic system with atomic number 80.   Mercury’s metallic substance belongs to the first row transition metals, dissolving many other metals inclusive gold and silver thus forming amalgam; Iron is the only metal that is non-dissolving by mercury metal therefore it is used as packaging material for mercury.

Mercury is heavy and liquid at room temperature; its vapors are extremely poisonous, hence, mercury must be produced in strict accordance with the manufacturing standards and safety requirements.

Mercury is produced / purified to the grades R0, R1, R2 and R3.

The amount of the basic substance (pure mercury) and non-volatile residue do correspond to the indications of the table 1.

Grade  Mercury min %   Non-volatile residue max %
 R0  99,9997  0,0003
 R1  99,999  0,001
 R2  99,99  0,01
R3  99,9  0,1