Ammonium Nitrate

ammonium nitrate PPAN
prilled ammonium nitrate anfo grade

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Product name: Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) Low density

CAS No. 8001-58-9
EC No. 232-287-5
HS code: 3102309000
Packing group: III

Commercial license
Author Hippocampus OU
Date 2018-09-29
Language  English
File Size 385.44 KB
Download 908

Commercial license
Author Hippocampus OU
Date 2018-09-29
Language  English
File Size 247.33 KB
Download 962

PPAN is used to ensure optimum performance and highest energy of ANFO explosive. ANFO is the most widely used and the most economical civil explosive currently on the market. Mines, quarries and civil engineering rely heavily on ANFO explosives for their blasting needs.


Product name: Ammonium Nitrate Porous Prills, low density, ANFO Grade, UN1942, AM 5.1, PGIII, 

Physical state, color White prills
2. Purity (Ammonium Nitrate (NH4NO3) dry basis), % 99,5 min
3.Total Nitrogen, % 34,5 min
4.Water content , %, 0,2 max
5. рН value of 10% water solution 4,5 - 6,0
6. Friability, % 100 min
 7. Granulometric data:
       prill size 1 – 2,8 mm, % 95
       prill size < 1 mm, %, 5 max
       Prill size > 2,8mm, % 5 max
8. Bulk density, g /cm3 0,70 - 0,73
9. Fuel absorption, % 10,0 min
10. Anti-caking agent, kg/ton 1,0 min


Applications: Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is used as a component for explosives production, with major demand coming from mining companies and explosive manufacturers.

Packaging and Transportation: Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is packaged in 1000-kg big bags or 25 kg pp bags with polyethylene liner, and transported in bulk or by truck, train, sea dry container in accordance with hazardous cargos transportation rules (ammonium nitrate may not be transported by air).

Storage: Packaged Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is stored indoors in dry and clean warehouses protected from moisture. No exposure to heating, open flame, sparks or contamination with any foreign admixtures is permitted. 
Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate may not be stored with organic products, reductive agents, oxidants, oils and lubricants. It has a guaranteed shelf life of 6 months upon the manufacture date.

Safety Requirements: Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is oxidant, flammable and explosive. When heated and detonated the ammonium nitrate may decompose with explosion