Sodium cyanide

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CAS: 143-33-9
HS Code:2837-11-00
Chemical formula: NaCN
UN 1689, 6.1,I
Marine Pollutant: P
Segregation Group: 6 (Cyanides)

Used in: gold mining  for extraction of gold from ore, in steel cyanation, in electroplating, hydrometallurgy of precious metals, in floatation processes and for beneficiation of metallic ores.

Form: Solid sodium cyanide is produced to form a white crystalline highly soluble briquettes or ‘cyanoid’.

Packing: Briquettes are packed in steel drums 40-50 kg and FIBC of 400 kg and 1,000 kg each.

Indication UNITS Norm
Top grade I grade
1. Appearance White briquettes
2. Sodium cyanide, min % 98 90
3. NaОH, max % 0,5 0,8
4. Na2CO3, max % 1,0 2,0
5. H2O, max % 0,5 5,0