Proper packing

When it comes to transporting hazardous materials, perhaps the most important detail is the packing.  As specialists in the field, Hippocampus OU takes the time to properly classify the substance, package and label it, and prepare the transport documents all in accordance with the applicable transportation regulations.  Our knowledge of hazardous materials allows us to meet all the requirements for hazardous materials shipments.

Liquid product packing types:

Steel Drums

Specifications: DOT/UN complianse tested tight-head steel drums, sealed with protective cup.
Capacity: rated 210 L (Min: 216,5L; Max: 218,6L)

ISO tank container:

Specifications: Tank code: IMO4

Dimensions: 7150 x 2550 x 2630 mm

Capacity: 28 520 L

Applic. Regulations: 

  • CSC F/4912/BV/99
  • IMO 4
  • ADR/RID F/5324/BV/04
  • IMDG