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Lignosulfonates, or sulfonated lignin, are water-soluble anionic polyelectrolyte polymers: they are byproducts from the production of wood pulp using sulfite pulping.

The main uses of such substances as lignosulfonates are:

• Production of carbon black;

• Foundry;

• Oil and gas industry;

• Road construction;

• Production of plywood.

Lignosulfonate belongs to substances of the 4th class of danger. It is not an allergen, there was no negative impact on the body.

CAS: 8062-15-5

Appearance: light yellow powder

Packing: big bag 500 kg

Outward appearance Powder
Color Light-yellow
Active substance, not less 58,0
Mass fraction of dry substance, not less 92,0
Hydrogen Ion value – Ph, not less 4,6

Limit of durables of dried up samples by the

stretching, Mpa not less

Mass fraction of ash to dry substance, not more 25,0