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Wax kraft paper

HS Code: 4811600000
Roll weight: 80 – 85 kg;
Roll width: 840 mm;
Mass fraction of paraffin: 30-45%;
Shelf life: 1 year

Shipment: 40 ”sea containers or road.
Loading rate: maximum 20 tons

Waxed paper is intended for packing metal products. It is used in all industries related to metal processing.

Wax paper is the highest quality and safest type of paper used today for packaging industrial goods and metals. This type of paper, as a rule, is used to protect against moisture penetration into industrial products, which is extremely important for their storage in the necessary conditions. The belonging of this paper to the "packing" class is quite justified since waxed paper perfectly protects ordinary industrial products and various metals from moisture, which avoids corrosion, as well as deterioration of the condition and a decrease in the service life of products.

Waxed paper is produced on an impregnating machine by double-sided impregnation of base paper weighing 35 +/- 1.8 g. impregnating mixture. Paraffin used in the paper industry is a transparent crystalline mass, completely refined, odorless, and tasteless. The advantages of this paraffin are as follows: hardness, non-stickiness, high gloss, low viscosity, allowing to obtain thin films.


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