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Nonelectric initiation system DIN-PS

A nonelectric initiation system consisting of a section of a reinforced red waveguide with a user-specified length and a surface detonator cap encased in a plastic mounting connector and a downhole detonator cap. The deceleration time of the system is differentiated by the color of the connector.

Use: Admitted for use on the ground and in conditions of underground excavations, without dangerous gas and dust.
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Technical properties:
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Waveguide diameter 3.00 (±0.15) mm
Waveguide hitch 0.012–0.018 g/m
Waveguide detonating velocity 1,900 (±100) m/s
Waterproof at a water pressure of 1 MPa: 20 minutes
Waveguide tensile strength 195 N/20 kg
Strength of the waveguide fastening in the detonator 5 (±0.5) min/7 (±0.1) kg
Temperature range of application −50ºC to +85ºC

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