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Electric caps ED-Z-T

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In places where there is a possibility for occurrence of minor ground currents, ED-Z-T electric caps are used with a level of 0.45 mA safe current and an increased ignition pulse level of 11.0 A2·ms and also a decreased sensitivity (compared to ED-Z-N) to the static electricity discharge.
On the ground as well as in underground mines and digging without dangerous gas and/or dust.
Technical properties:
Electric resistance 1.2–2.4 Ohm
Safe pulse at least 5.0 A²ms
Safe current 0.450 (±0.005) А
Operative current guaranteed 2.0 A
Longstanding ignition current 0.490 (±0.005) A
Ignition pulse max. 11.0 A²ms
Waterproof at a water pressure 2.0 MPa 20 minutes
Temperature range of application −40ºC to +50ºC

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