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Electric caps ED-Z-N | ED-VM1

When carrying out blasting operations in conditions where there is no danger of accumulation of static electricity charges and occurrence of ground currents, ED-Z-N electric caps with a safe current of 200 mA and a safe pulse of 0.6 A2·ms and normal sensitivity to static electricity discharges are used.
ED-Z-N is a nonfuse electric detonator with deceleration, normal sensitivity to ground currents, and charges of static electricity.
ED-8M1 is an instantaneous electric cap used instead of the “0” series of the ED-Z-N cap.

On the ground as well as in mines and mine pits without dangerous gas or dust and in shale mines with dangerous dust, in conditions that are not dangerous as regards charges of static electricity and ground currents.
Technical properties:
Electric resistance1.8–3.0 Ohm
Safe pulseat least 0.6 A²ms
Safe current0.200 (±0.005) А
Operative current guaranteed1.0 A
Longstanding ignition current0.220 (±0.005) А
Ignition pulsemax. 2.0 A²ms
Waterproof of ED-8-M1 at a water pressure 1.2 MPa20 minutes
Waterproof of ED-Z-N at a water pressure 2.0 MP20 minutes
Temperature range of application−40ºC to +50ºC

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