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Electric caps ED-24

For carrying out special works with an unplugged power line and with a high probability of generating static electricity charges; the inductive ED-24 electric caps are produced with a transformer node. These electric caps are safe at currents of industrial voltage and frequency, they are resistant to ground currents, static electricity discharges, and lightning discharges. To initiate the caps, a current of frequency over 50 kHz is required. They are increasingly used because of the convenience in the installation of an explosive line.

In mines and diggings without dangerous gas or dust.
Technical properties:
Electric resistance 0.65–1.30 Ohm
Safe current 0.200 (±0.005) A (@ frequency 100 kHz)
Operative current guaranteed 3.0 (±0.1) A (@ frequency 52 kHz)
Longstanding ignition current 0.220 (±0.005) A (@ frequency 52 kHz)
Waterproof at a water pressure 2.0 MPa 3 hours at a depth of 2 m
Temperature range of application −50ºC to +50ºC

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