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Eco-Friendly Gold Lixiviant

Environmental Gold leaching agent is the global first high-tech and eco-friendly gold processing product. This product doesn’t change the original gold-leaching equipment and cyanide process. Environmental gold leaching agent Non-cyanide. Environmental gold leaching agent replaces Sodium-Cyanide 100% and is a 100% eco-friendly gold-leaching product applying to disseminated gold deposit, primary ore, oxide ore, semi-oxide ore, sulfide ore, gold concentrate, cyanidation slag, E-waste, heap spraying, carbon leaching, and pond leaching. The product has a higher recycling rate of leaching,faster rate of dissolution,lower cost and excellent performance of extraction, easy operation, safe warehouse, convenient transportation, etc.

Physical properties

Material composition name:complex

Appearance&Odor:Light grey Irregular granule and powder, Weak odor.

Solubility:soluble in water

Relative density:(Water=1):1.28(17℃)


Composition/information on ingredients

Description: Mixture of substances listed below with additions.

Components Number

CAS Number Approximate(%)by Wt

Sodium Oxide(Na2O)









Calcium oxide(CaO) 1305-78-8


Iron(III) oxide(Fe2O3) 1309-37-1


Toxicological information

•  Identification of Corrosive Hazard:The product is not classified as corrosives.

•  Hazardous wastes-Identification for toxic substance content:GB 5085.6-2007 Identification standards for hazardous wastes Identification for toxic substance content

•  Animal stimulus data: mild irritation

•  The determination of six valence Chromium solid waste: Arsenic, Cadmium, Chromium,

Copper, Nickel, Lead, Zinc, all do not exceed the standard.

Application and properties

•The product has the properties of leaching Gold (extracting Gold), leaching Palladium, leaching Silver, plating Gold, and dissolving Gold.

•The product is mainly used in Gold ore, primary ore, Oxide ore, semi-Oxide ore, Sulfide ore, fine Gold ore, Cyanide tailings ore, and extracting Gold from electronic waste, etc, solved the current worldwide problem of environmental protection Gold extraction.

Eco-Friendly Gold Lixiviant can completely replace sodium cyanide in gold leaching. Using Eco-Friendly Gold Lixiviant product can give you these 3 benefits:

  1. it does not require extra gold leaching equipment;
  2. it does not change the original gold leaching process;
  3. The operation method is exactly the same as that of sodium cyanide, and also our product is environmentally friendly and safe.

Product packaging:

Packaging: weight 25 kg/ bag; 1000kg/ 40bag

loading 20" - 20 MT

Loading 40" - 26 MT


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