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Double-layer waterproof packaging paper

HS Code: 4807008000
Roll weight: 250-350 kg;
Roll width: 1060-1240 mm;
Sleeve inner diameter: 76 mm;
Shelf life: 1 year;
Transportation and storage not exceeding +40 C.
(Produced from recycled paper)

Shipment: 40 ”sea containers or road.
Loading rate: maximum 20 tons

Waterproof two-layer paper is made by gluing two layers of base paper with bitumen.
Waterproof two-layer paper is used to protect products during transportation from the external effects of atmospheric precipitation. This type of paper belongs to the class of wrapping paper.
Waterproof two-layer paper has high protective characteristics, which makes it possible to use it in various fields of production: for packaging industrial products, furniture, household appliances, cord fabric, consumer goods, pulp and paper products, for protecting wood, metal, paper and other products. from moisture. The paper can also be used for lining boxes and upholstery of wagons.


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