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Detonating cord DSHE-6

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The DSHE-6 extruded detonating cord, pentolite, waterproof, increased safety, is designed to transfer detonation to the intermediate detonators during blast and initiation of the borehole, well, and surface charges of industrial explosives as well as for installation of ground surface blasting networks.

Use: On the ground, in underground mines, and digging without dangerous gas and/or dust.
Technical properties:
Type VV Pentolite
Tensile strength min. 588 N/60 kg
Diameter 4.0 (±0.5) mm
Core mass 6.0 (+1.0/-0.5) g/m
Detonating velocity min. 5,500 m/s
Cover color pink to red
Water-resistance at a depth of 30 m 30 days
Temperature range of application −50ºC to +85ºC

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