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Creosote oil for wood treatment

EC NO. 232-287-5
CAS NO. 8001-58-9
HS-CODE: 2707991900

Creosote quality data

GOST 2770-74
BS 144  type 2
Benzo[a] Pyrene
concentration,  mg/kg
not rated500 max
Insoluble in Toluene, % (m/m)0,3 max0,4 max
Liquidity temperature (°C)
at which the product is completely liquid after 2 hours
(residue at 35°C is absent)
Phenols water extractable, %5,15 – 20


Distillation, (m/m), %
Recovery of dehydrated creosote %


3 max (at 210°C)

10 – 35 (at 275°C)

30 – 50 (at 315°C)

70 min (at 360°C)


5 max (at 205°C)

5 – 30 (at 230°C)

40 – 78 (at 355°C)

73 – 90 (at 355°C)

Water content (v/v), %, max1,51,5
Density (kg/m3) at ⁰C1090 – 1130 at 20⁰C1003 – 1108 at 32⁰C
Flash point, °C105 °C  min
Cleveland open cup 
61 °C   min
Pensky-Martens closed tester
Viscosity1,3 Assum.°
at 80° C
4 – 20    mm2/s
kinematic viscosity at 40° C
ColourDark brown to blackDark brown to black
Naphthalene content (% (m/m))2,2515 max




Aromatic hydrocarbons

Consist of:
– Napthalenes (distilled between 205-255°C)
– Anthracenes (distilled above 255°C)





Tar acids (distilled below 2050C)
Consist of: phenols, cresols and xylenols, carbolic acid


Tar bases1-2
Aromatic amines and Heterocycles01-1,0
CAS #8001-58-9
EU #648-101-00-4
HS Code27079100
EINECS #232-287-5
ADR/RID Class9
Hazard Index9
UN Number3082
IMDG Class9
Packaging groupIII

Creosote packaging

When it comes to transporting hazardous materials, perhaps the most important detail is the packing.  As specialists in the field, Hippocampus OU takes the time to properly classify the substance, package and label it, and prepare the transport documents all in accordance with the applicable transportation regulations.  Our knowledge of hazardous materials allows us to meet all the requirements for hazardous materials shipments.
Liquid product packing types:
Applic. Regulations:
CSC F/4912/BV/99
ADR/RID F/5324/BV/04
Steel-Drums for creosote oil

Steel Drums

Specifications: DOT/UN complianse tested tight-head steel drums
Capacity: rated 210 L
Loading in one 20 ” sea
container 80 drums

IBC for creosote oil

ibc container

Specifications: UN 31HA1/Y
Material: HDPE
Capacity: 1000 L
Loading in one 20″ sea container
20 IBC


Railway-tank for creosote oil

Railway carriage

Railway carriage tank with steam heating cover for transporting viscous oil products
– Payload, max 65 MT
– Useful load, 69 M³

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