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Small-sized booster is a cast pentolite intermediate charge in a polymer casing, which is equipped with a socket for placing the primary means of initiation. They are intended to boost the initiating pulse of the primary initiating means and can be used both individually and as a booster for primed cartridges when initiating the hole and wellbore charges.

Use: On the ground as well as in underground mines and digging without dangerous gas and dust, at any degree of watering of holes and wells.
Technical properties:
Explosive mass 17 g
Hole diameter up to 53
Gross length of the polymer casing 89 (±0.5) mm
Length of the main casing 69 (±0.5) mm
Length of casing for the ED or KD socket 27 mm
External diameter of the cap socket casing 10 mm
Detonating velocity 7,600 m/s
Waterproof 6 months
Temperature range of application −50ºC to +60ºC
Shelf life 5 years

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