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Anti-corrosive paper

HS Code: 4811900000
Roll weight: 60 – 200 kg;
Roll width: 1170 mm – 1250 mm;
Mass fraction of the inhibitor: 8.0%;
Creping degree: not less than 5%.
Shelf life: 5 years;

Shipment: 40 ”sea containers or road.
Loading rate: maximum 20 tons


Anti-corrosive paper is intended for packaging and protection of products of high processing class and complexity (shaped products, etc.) containing non-ferrous metals (zirconium, molybdenum, copper, silver, tin, nickel, chromium, brass, gold, etc.) having a complex configuration against atmospheric corrosion, with the exception of magnesium according to the VZ-15 protection option. It is made of creped, without polymer coating, using a volatile inhibitor.
Evaporation at ambient temperature, such inhibitors in the form of vapors reach the metal and, being adsorbed on its surface, saturate the condensed phase, while providing reliable protection of the product. In this case, the vapor of the inhibitor penetrates into the cracks and gaps inaccessible to the contact inhibitors, and ensures the inhibition of corrosion processes under the layers of corrosion products and deposits.
Inhibited paper serves as a packaging material for electrical devices, since it does not adversely affect the insulating properties of electrical insulating materials, the transition resistance of contact pairs on the properties of paint and varnish coatings, rubber, ceramics and various adhesives. It does not change the performance characteristics of radio and electronic devices.


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