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Anti-corrosive crepe paper

HS Code: 4811900000
Weight 102 g / m2,
Inhibitor weight: 22 g / m2.
Roll weight: 100-250 kg;
Roll width: 1060-1200 mm;
Humidity: 12%, no more;
Shelf life: 2 years when stored in a heated room;
Shelf life: 1 year if stored in an unheated room,

Shipment: 40 ”sea containers or road.
Loading rate: maximum 20 tons

Anti-corrosion paper is both a packaging material and a means of protection against corrosion of ferrous metals (iron and its alloys with a small amount of carbon, with the exception of cast iron).
Corrosion is a persistent, dangerous and costly enemy of metal replacement parts, especially when they are being packaged for storage or being prepared for sale. For temporary protection against atmospheric corrosion of products made of ferrous metals, with the exception of cast iron, this type of paper is produced with an inhibitor weight of 22 g / m2. The paper contains a volatile corrosion inhibitor that emits a certain amount of vapor to saturate the space in the package (the enclosed volume in which the metal product is located, including internal volumes, joints, gaps). The inhibitor molecules are adsorbed on the metal surfaces of the product and stop the electrochemical corrosion process, thus protecting the metal surface from moisture-induced corrosion.


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