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ANFO granulated explosives

The granular explosives belong to Class II of the simplest explosives. Their main feature (and advantage) is that they are mixtures of components, and each of them is not an explosive separately which makes it possible to transport them safely and prepare them directly at the field of application.

For open-pit mining and underground operations, without dangerous gas and dust emissions. In rocks with a coefficient of strength as per Protodyakonov scale up to 15, with manual and mechanized charging of dry and partially watering holes as well as for sandblasts.


Technical properties:
Critical diameter at a density of 1.15 g/cm³ 40 mm
Critical diameter at a density of 0.85 g/cm³ 70 mm
Critical density for charging holes of 38–40 mm diameters 1.3 g/cm³
Sandblast velocity of detonation (100 mm diameter) 3.0–3.5 km/s
Oxygen balance −0.35
Explosion heat 3,800 kJ/kg
TNT equivalent as per explosion heat at density of 0.85 g/cm³ 1.12
Temperature range of application from −50ºC to +50ºC

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