impregnation boards with oxide CCA 60% Type C
impregnation boards with oxide CCA 60% Type C

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CAS No. 37337-13-6
HS Code: 3808.92.95
Molecular Formula: As2CrCuO9
Product name: Oxide CCA-C 60% Type C, paste
Chemical Names: CCA-C; Copper Arsenate, Chromated; HSDB 7705;
Arsenic acid (H3AsO4), copper(2+) salt (2:3), chromated;

Commercial license
Author Hippocampus OU
Date 2018-09-29
Language  English
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Commercial license
Author Hippocampus OU
Date 2018-09-29
Language  English
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We supply CCA Type-C Wood Preservative 60% in form of paste, density 1,8-1,9 kg/m3, diluted in cold water at ratio 1:40.

Product name: CCA Type-C Wood Preservative 60%, paste

Manufacturer’s instruction on paste dilution: For wood pressure treatment CCA paste to be diluted in cold water in the ratio 1:40 (one part of CCA paste to 40 parts of cold water). Thus, one drum of 48-50 liters (net weight 90kg) is dissolved in 2000 liters of cold water. From one 50-liter drum of CCA paste - 2050 liters of treating (working) solution is obtained.
Consumption at autoclaving 100 liters of treating (working) solution to 1 m3 of wood.


Oxide CCA 60% Paste is the copper-chromium-arsenic mixture in the form of paste. When the paste is diluted in ratio 1:40 of cold water the elemental concentrations of copper, chromium and arsenic in the treating solution of preservative complies with the data given in table 1:

Table 1. Active Elements Concentrations in CCA working solution (20 g/L), as per COA

Active Element Concentration (g/L) as per COA       Concentration (g/L) as per standard SANS 673:2008       
Cu 1.68 1,61 – 1,99
Cr 2.96 2,74 – 3,11
As 2.76 2,32 – 2,93
Total 7.4 Minimum 7,3

Concentration of active elements in our Oxide CCA 60% Paste (in terms of g/L) complies with the requirements of standard SANS673:2008, Clause 3.2.


Table 2: Oxide Concentrations, % as per COA

Oxide form

Concentration (%, m/m)

as 60% oxide basis


Concentration (%,m/m) according to Russian standard

TU 2499-001-78576072-2009 requirements

CuO 10.50 9 - 11
CrO3 28.40 22 - 29
As2O5 21.10 21 - 26
Total 60  

Note: Total oxide concentration shows 60% as stipulated on our Oxide CCA 60% Paste label and MSDS.


In order to check compliance of Oxide CCA 60% Paste (as per COA results) with the American Wood Protection Association (AWPA) standards, the oxides concentration as per COA (60%) are converted to a 100% oxide basis:

Table 3: Oxides concentrations upon conversions to 100% oxide basis

Oxide form


AWPA specifications 
for CCA Type C
in standard AWPA P23-08

Concentration of Oxide CCA 60% Paste, as 100% oxide basis, (%, m/m)

CuO 17.0% – 21.0% 17,5
CrO3 44.5% – 50.5% 47,33
As2O5 30.0% – 38.0% 35,17
Total   100


Our Oxide CCA 60% Paste complies with the specifications stipulated by AWPA for CCA Type C in standard AWPA P23-08.

Table 4: Summary of Oxide CCA 60% Paste

Active Element Elemental Concentration (g/L) Elemental Concentration (g/kg) Oxide Form Concentration (%) as 100% oxide basis Concentration (%) as 60% oxide basis
Cu 1.68 84 CuO 17.50 10,5
Cr 2.96 148 CrO3 47.33 28,4
As 2.76 138 As2O5 35.17 21,1 

The data shown above demonstrate that Oxide CCA 60% Paste sold by Hippocampus OU complies to all specifications as stipulated by the SANS (South African Bureau of Standards), AWPA (American Wood Protection Association) as well as that of the Russian manufacturer standard TU 2499-001-78576072-2009 .

The concentrations listed above may vary according to the limits stipulated in the standards’ requirements listed above, accordingly.

Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) is a wood preservative, a copper-chromium-arsenic mixture produced in the form of paste, or a liquid. The mixture is diluted in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions to give the treating solution a nominal total elemental concentration of copper, chromium and arsenate of 7,3 g/l. A 7,3 g/L total elemental concentration treating solution is equivalent to a 20 g/L solution of a preservative where the copper, chromium and arsenic are expressed as copper sulphate pentahydrate, sodium dichromate dehydrate and arsenic pent oxide dehydrate, respectively.
CCA is the world’s most widely used wood preservative. It is manufactured to national and international standards depending on the country of intended use, including AWPA P23-10 for the USA and SANS 673 for South Africa, TU 2499-001-78576072-2009 for Russia and each manufacturer complies with these standards.


Drum packing for chromated opper rsenate wood preservative 60 Hippocampus OU     

Packing details:

Plastic drums 48-50 liters (net weight 90kg); 6 drums pallet; 11 pallets 20ft container

Min order quantity: one 20 ft container.










Video #1: CCA Oxide 60% Type C Paste fractions.

Video description: After a long carriage or storage the paste splits up in two fractions, liquid and solid. The solid fraction is the mixture of Cu and Chromium Oxides that couldn’t be dissolved in such a small volume of water, thus in 60% CCA oxide solution it is in the un-dissolved state, precipitating at the bottom of a packaging.


Video #2: CCA oxide 60% paste mixing up before pour off the packaging.

Video description: In this video, we will show you what should be done prior the CCA oxide 60% paste is  going to be poured off the packaging. Here is the drum with CCA oxide 60% paste that has been stored for a while in warehouse. Have a look there is the solid fraction that has precipitated at the bottom. The solid fraction is the mixture of Copper and Сhrome Oxides that couldn’t be dissolved in such a small volume of water, thus, in 60% CCA oxide solution it is in undissolved state. Before pouring it off the packaging it should be mixed thoroughly in order to become a homogeneous mixture and could pour out of packaging smoothly.