NAGE-fuel technology project

Hippocampus OU is the developer of NAGE-fuel technology – the innovative technology in the production of eco-friendly, zero CO2 emission fuel. The NAGE-fuel is the next-generation fuel and the energy source for auto-car engines, thermal and power plants. NAGE-fuel technology is currently in the process of laboratory assays. For news update subscribe to our newsletter below.


We intend to develop production facilities to produce NAGE-fuel. We plan to design and build a total of 5 production facilities initially. We plan to acquire land areas in Europe for building production facilities. The estimated production capacity of a standardized production plant will be 300,000 tons of NAGE-fuel per year.

We intend to develop five production facilities in the EU by 2030 and about 250-500 facilities globally by 2045.

The rate of plant' deployment will depend on legislation, requirements for non-fossil fuel, and the evolution of oil, gas, electric power, and renewable power prices. More information to come.

We value and appreciate donations in our project. Thank you.