Foundry Coke

Foundry coke is a solid-fuel product containing over 80 % of pure carbon, produced by distillation of coal, used in metallurgy as reducing agent for converting metal oxides into metals supporting matrix and energy carrier for the production of pig iron in integrated ironworks. Foundry coke is made by distillation of a blend of selected coking coals at certain high temperature without air until almost all of the volatile matter is driven off. The resulting product, coke, consists of pure carbon. 

Table 1: Quality Specifications for Foundry Coke

 Parameter   Assay Result
 FC, %  87
 Size, mm  60 min
 Ash, %  9,5 - 15
 Moisture, %  3,5 
 S, %  1,6 
 P, %  0,35

Packing details:

- in bulk

- in flexible bulk container dry liner bag, capacity 26 MT - max

- in big-bags